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The TennCare CHOICES in Long-Term Care (or “CHOICES”) is TennCare’s program for long-term care services.  Long-term care includes help doing everyday activities that you may no longer be able to do for yourself as you grow older, or if you have a physical disability – like bathing, dressing, getting around your home, preparing meals, or doing household chores.  Services included in the CHOICES program include:

Personal Care Visits

Short visits no more than 4 hours where someone will help you do things like get out of bed, take a bath, get dressed, fix and eat meals, or use the bathroom

Attendant Care

The same kinds of help you would get with personal care visits, but for longer periods of time

Homemaker Services

Help with your household chores or errands like laundry, sweeping, mopping or grocery shopping

Home-delivered meals

A meal that meets 1/3 RDA is delivered to your home

Personal Emergency Response System

A call button so you can get help in an emergency

Adult Day Care

A place that provides supervised care and activities during the day

In-home Respite Care

Someone to stay with you in your home for a short time so your caregiver can get some rest

In-patient Respite Care

A short stay in a nursing home or assisted care living facility so your caregiver can get some rest

Assistive Technology

Certain low-cost items that help you do things more easily or safely in your home like grabbers to reach things

Minor Home Modifications

Changes to your home that will help you get around more easily and safely like grab bars or a wheelchair ramp

Pest Control

Spraying your home for bugs or mice

Community-Based Residential Alternatives

Places that offer care and support for someone who can no longer live alone, like an Assisted Care Living Facility

For more information about CHOICES, call toll free 1-866-836-6678, or contact:

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